Housing and Wellbeing Seminar (Part 2)

10-5, Friday 30 January
Bartlett School of Architecture UCL
140 Hampstead Road

?Panel discussions from UCL staff & other colleagues on:
– approaches to social housing design and its histories
– current planning guidance and practices
– new housing association commissions
– physical and environmental health relations
– retrofit and the ‘Green Deal’

Speakers include:
Peter Bishop (Bartlett buy proscar online australia UCL/Allies & Morrison)
Jan Kattein (Bartlett UCL & Jan Kattein Architects)
Sofie Pelsmakers (The Energy Institute, UCL)
Simon Pepper (University of Liverpool)
Jane Rendell (Bartlett UCL)
Patrick Weber and Sabine Storp (Bartlett UCL/ Storp Weber Architecture)
Nici Zimmerman (Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, UCL)

Booking information to follow in January 2015