Podcasts from ‘Equalities of Wellbeing & Housing Workshop’

This first event brought together our advisory group members, Alex Ely (Mae Architects), Deborah Garvie (Shelter), Brian Quinn (CABE/Design Council), Phil Hamilton (Peter Barber Architects) together with Sarah Wigglesworth (Sarah Wigglesworth Architects and University of Sheffield), Andrea Phillips (Goldsmiths) in a series of discussions which enabled us to draw out links between contemporary architectural and urban design understandings of wellbeing, equality and, importantly in the present time, inequality that informs the disciplines. Held at UCL, it was attended by colleagues and students from UCL and other UK institutions, together with architects and members of the public as part of UCL’s Urban Lab ‘Cities Methodologies’ week of events.

Beginning with technical concerns about standards of provision, Alex and Deborah highlighted how the Government’s current housing standards review follows the guidance on minimum space standards that Alex and CABE have worked on, together with Design for London’s design guide, and which – if implemented – would go some way towards the still much-valued Parker Morris Space Standards. Deborah also very usefully emphasised that the capacity for implementation is vastly increased if standards were to be put into the industry’s building regulations, rather than as political policy.   In the second panel Brian and Phil addressed design and wellbeing relations within the urban context, bringing out issues including infrastructural design (transport), and mobilising the social buying proscar online space of the Southern-European street for driving housing design concepts, as well as housing for the vulnerable where the ‘front door’ is also a key constituent of the individual ‘home’.  In the final session Sarah and Andrea’s discussions brought in the perspective of the rights of the individual and community, where choice enables wellbeing and ‘agency’ for the specific needs of a community (such as the elderly).

01 Beth Lord: Project introduction
02 Peg Rawes: Seminar introduction
03 David Roberts: Space and Housing Standards Introduction 
04 Alex Ely (Mae Architects): The Case for Space 
05 Deborah Garvie (Shelter): Little Boxes, Fewer Homes – Why Housing Space Standards Will Get More Homes Built
06a & 06b Space and Housing Standards Discussion
07 Brian Quinn (CABE): A CABE Perspective on Design and Wellbeing
08 Phil Hamilton (Peter Barber Architects): Street: Who owns the City?
09 Design and Wellbeing I Discussion
10 Sarah Wigglesworth (Sarah Wigglesworth Architects): An Alternative to the Claremont? Work in Progress on the DWELL Project, University of Sheffield
11 Andrea Phillips (Goldsmiths): Social Housing – Housing the Social: Art Property and Spatial Justice
12 Design and Wellbeing II Discussion
13 Closing Discussion: responses from Anne Bottomley (Law, Kent) and Andrew Saint (Survey of London, UCL)
14 Maddy Power (The Equality Trust): Vicious Circle: How Inequality and Our Broken Property Market Reinforce Each Other, 8th July 2014. Download

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